My name is Matt. This website is my eclectic notebook, roughly organized.

The Books I want to read and Web reading list keep me occupied with learning. I’m passionate about bicycles and have written about Bicycle safety, How to fix a flat bicycle tire, and my Kona Rove DL bicycle. The catalog of my macOS software setup describes how I work with my computer. I like to feel prepared when outdoors, so I’ve compiled a First aid gear list and described how Alcohol-fueled camping stoves work. In building this website, I’m obsessed with Getting website details right and Using Markdown effectively. My creative outlet is using Pen plotters, specifically The AxiDraw pen plotter and The subplot art environment structures my drawings.

The notes page is a more complete index.

To see what I’ve been up to lately, check out my now page.

Note Updates

  1. Getting website details right
  2. Websites I avoid linking to
  3. Web reading list
  4. Bicycle safety
  5. Using Markdown effectively
  6. Computing hardware setup
  7. The Sublime Text text editor
  8. The nvi text editor
  9. Higher car speeds make collisions more lethal
  10. Affordable city policies that support bicycling