My name is Matt and this is my notebook covering my interests:

Note Updates

  1. Alcohol-fueled camping stoves
  2. Future macOS software setup
  3. Outdoor gear companies
  4. The Sublime Text text editor
  5. The Nova text editor
  6. Text editing software
  7. Sublime Text plugins I use
  8. macOS software setup
  9. Configuring the defaults of Sublime Text
  10. macOS software I used in the past
  11. Rarely-used macOS software
  12. Bicycle gear companies
  13. First aid gear list
  14. PICO-8 games
  15. Bicycle safety
  16. Transportation resources
  17. Trail discovery resources
  18. The PICO-8 fantasy console
  19. Books I want to read
  20. Book reading resources
  21. Website icons
  22. E-ink display resources
  23. Plotting raster images
  24. The 2021 Kona Rove DL bicycle
  25. How to fix a flat bicycle tire
  26. Pen plotters
  27. Pen plotter graphics software
  28. CNC wire bending
  29. Author detection in Instapaper
  30. The Shapeoko CNC router