My name is Matt. This website is my rough notebook for thinking and explaining.

I never have enough time for the Books I want to read and Web reading list. I enjoy the tools and craft of writing (Using Markdown effectively), especially on the web where mistakes are straightforward to correct. The catalog of my macOS software setup describes how I work with a computer. I’m passionate about bicycles and have written about Bicycle safety, How to fix a flat bicycle tire, and my bicycle.

The notes page is a complete index of my writing here.

Note Updates

  1. Book reading resources
  2. Books I want to read
  3. PICO-8 games
  4. The Sublime Text text editor
  5. The San Francisco Bay Area's historic public transportation system
  6. Pen plotters
  7. Trails raise nearby property values
  8. macOS software setup
  9. Affordable city projects that support bicycling
  10. How to write well