My name is Matt. This website is my rough notebook for thinking and explaining.

I never have enough time for the Books I want to read and Web reading list. I enjoy the tools and craft of writing (Using Markdown effectively), especially on the web where mistakes are straightforward to correct. The catalog of my macOS software setup describes how I work with a computer. I’m passionate about bicycles and have written about Bicycle safety, How to fix a flat bicycle tire, and my bicycle.

The notes page is a complete index of my writing here.

Note Updates

  1. Web reading list
  2. Computing hardware setup
  3. Books I want to read
  4. The Monodraw diagram editor
  5. How to write well
  6. PICO-8 games
  7. The Rheem ProTerra hybrid heat pump water heater
  8. E-ink display resources
  9. Sublime Text plugins I use
  10. Monitoring electricity usage at the meter