My name is Matt and this site serves as a notebook for my interests:

The content here grows organically and shifts around, so links may become stale during these early months.

Note Updates

  1. PICO-8 games
  2. How to fix a flat bicycle tire
  3. E-ink display resources
  4. Pen plotters
  5. Books I want to read
  6. Plotting raster images
  7. Pen plotter graphics software
  8. CNC wire bending
  9. Author detection in Instapaper
  10. The Shapeoko CNC router
  11. Lead-free machinable metal alloys
  12. Materials I will never work with
  13. Where to buy CNC parts
  14. Book reading resources
  15. Monitoring electricity usage at the meter
  16. The Nova text editor
  17. The subplot art environment
  18. Getting website details right
  19. 8 by 4 foot raised garden bed
  20. Website icons
  21. macOS software setup
  22. The Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printer
  23. An environment for computer art
  24. The AxiDraw pen plotter
  25. Using Markdown effectively
  26. The Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller
  27. The PICO-8 fantasy console
  28. Games
  29. Fantasy console software environments
  30. Hydroponic gardening