Matt Widmann

Silicon Valley, CA, USA •

I enjoy working on low-level systems software and tools that make programs understandable.


Kernel Engineer at Apple Inc. (2015 - Present)

In the Core Darwin group, I build profiling and tracing systems that are integrated into the operating system kernel, xnu. These include a low-level static tracing system called kdebug and the kperf CPU profiler, along with the CPU resource accounting mechanism for threads, processes, and coalitions (i.e. rusage counters). I also maintain the trace(1) tool and supporting user space libraries that allow higher-level apps like Instruments to inspect the system. In addition, I work on the hardware performance counter interfaces, which give precise information about how the CPU is executing instructions.

Outside of the kernel, I designed and implemented the performance testing infrastructure to flag performance regressions for all of Darwin. As necessary, I investigate performance regressions across the system. I ported and maintain a Lua-based scripting system for reproducible performance investigations, with a dozen custom Lua libraries for Apple-specific interfaces.

Software Intern at Apple Inc. (2014)

I built a tool to plot hardware performance counter data from instrumented code, as well as a library for performance counter event configuration.


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2010 - 2014)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

I focused on operating systems at Michigan and was a teaching assistant for the introductory operating systems course. I also took one of the more difficult courses, Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in C++, where we built a maritime shipping simulation.


Personal Projects

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