YouTube channels I follow

I probably spend too much time on YouTube, but it offers a lot of great educational content that I can’t find anywhere else. These are the channels that I find most useful and follow, with my favorites listed in bold.


I like to live vicariously through the projects of others and have found a few creators who document their work on YouTube.


There aren’t many good woodworking resources for the kind of woodworking I want to do (small projects with Japanese hand tools), but it’s good to see how others achieve end results regardless.


I don’t have much interest in prototyping mechanical objects myself, but have always been fascinated with tools and robotics.


I like to think that a less technology-intensive life is as focused and bucolic as these channels make it seem.


I don’t tend to enjoy software-focused YouTube, since it’s dominated by tech influencers, but I have found one channel that matches my interests.


YouTube’s primarily 10-minute video segments are a good format for concise explainers on current events and science topics.


Infrastructure, or the lack thereof, affects my life every time I ride a bike, so I’m particularly interested in seeing what other cities offer.


This is kind of a catch-all category for things that don’t fit in the others but have a technology focus.


I’m interested in channels that try to put history in a broader context or present it in a compelling format.


These channels offer a pleasant view into another world or lifestyle.