The tmux terminal multiplexer

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tmux is a command line tool that takes a single terminal session and turns it into several, at the same time decoupling their lifetimes with the current session. It lets you have multiple windows in the same session (to share an SSH connection) or allow long-running tasks to continue once you’ve ended your session.

In college, I used it a lot and was very happy with it, even building a Rube Goldberg system so I could pair-program with a friend on school projects. Somewhere along the way, I started to prefer using the mouse and letting my local system maintain separate windows. The fish shell improved my shell history and I didn’t find myself logging into other machines very often. So I forgot how to use it.

But it is useful for keeping a plot going when a Raspberry Pi is connected to my pen plotter. Here are some minimal tips that I need to remember to use an un-configured tmux: