The subplot art environment

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Subplot is a Rust framework that implements An environment for computer art, targeting pen plotter artwork using SVGs. The subplot tool works on a directory with a TOML file that describes the parameters of the piece, like the paper size and orientation:

name = "january-postcard"
module = "voronoi-rays"
paper = "A6"
orientation = "landscape"

The module declares a Rust library (dylib on macOS) should be used to actually generate the image. Whenever the library is rebuilt or the TOML file changes, the artwork is regenerated. Below the common fields is a dictionary of module-specific parameters:

seed = 12345
points = 5

Each artwork file generated is saved and numbered with a preview file that’s hard-linked to the latest iteration. An SVG viewer can keep the preview file open to get feedback on changes to the program.