The subplot art environment

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Subplot is a Rust framework that implements An environment for computer art, targeting pen plotter artwork using SVGs. The subplot tool works on a directory with a TOML file that describes the parameters of the piece, like the paper size and orientation:

name = "january-postcard"
module = "voronoi-rays"
paper = "A6"
orientation = "landscape"

The module names a Rust library (dylib on macOS) that’s used to generate the image.W The artwork is regenerated whenever the library is rebuilt or the TOML file changes. Below the common fields is a dictionary of module-specific parameters:

seed = 12345
points = 5

Each artwork file generated is saved and numbered with a preview file that’s hard-linked to the latest iteration. An SVG viewer that redraws when the underlying file changes (like Gapplin) can open the stable preview file for feedback on changes to the program.