The Sublime Text text editor

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Sublime Text is a graphical text editor that’s extensible with Python. It sports a mini-map scroll bar and multiple-cursor editing, but its most important feature is how fast it is despite the number and size of files that are open. Features like jumping to a function definition are built-in, despite it not being an IDE or having innate knowledge of how to compile a project.

It has three features built-in that I added to The nvi text editor with Modern nvi mappings but which feel more seamless in Sublime Text:

But it feels like Sublime Text’s moment in the sun is passing. Many of the most popular plugins haven’t seen updates recently and it looks like their authors have moved on.

Sublime Text has some headlining features that I don’t particularly care for:

And others that I haven’t given a fair shot yet:

I’ve augmented the built-in features with some Sublime Text plugins I use and fortunately didn’t have to spend much time Configuring the defaults of Sublime Text.