The 2023 Brompton P Line folding bicycle

I want to replace trips I normally need a car for because I’d like to spend more of my life on a bicycle. Nearby errands like grocery shopping or haircuts rose to the top of the list of unnecessary car trips. One unfortunate constraint is my anxiety for leaving my bike alone outside after having several stolen in the past. So I decided to buy a bike I could take into a store with me. After trying out the Bike Friday pakiT, I eventually bought a Brompton P Line folding bike in black.

Bromptons are a practical desert island bike, the one I would keep if I could only have a single bike. It’s easy to incorporate it into public transportation, running errands, and overall replacing a car for local trips. I don’t live in an area with realistic public transportation options, so I’m going to use it for errands and long-haul trips where I want to have a bike at my destination.

While they don’t need many enhancements, there are a few accessories that are compulsory for practical trips on a Brompton. The front carrier block for attaching luggage is the first thing to buy, along with a large compatible basket or bag. The genius of this mounting point is that it can remain on the bike while it’s folded. Placing items anywhere else would interfere with the fold. To get full benefit from this feature, a rear rack with wheels lets the bike roll around like a shopping cart. And to make it more stable while rolling, MiniMODS sells a wheel extender that lengthens one of the axles.