Rarely-used macOS software

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Despite being presentation software, Keynote has worked well for sketching out diagrams before I commit them to something like Monodraw or Mermaid. In a pinch, I also use it as a text outliner.

I’ve settled on The SketchUp 3D modeler for woodworking projects and and Fusion 360 for 3D prints, but I’m not thrilled with either of them. SketchUp is a delight to work in, but I’m still using the 2017 desktop app because I don’t use it enough to commit to a Pro subscription. The outliner is a key feature that’s missing from its current free offering. Fusion 360 is just too much power that I won’t use and seems very complex. I wanted to use SolveSpace, but it’s missing some features and it’s extremely unintuitive, with few learning resources available.

I just discovered a new, inexpensive vector art program called Amadine that seems like a promising alternative to Sketch or the moonlighting pen tools of other graphics packages.

For a better experience with file formats I use often, Gapplin renders SVGs in a native Mac UI, fstl is a very fast STL viewer, and Keka acts as a front-end for decompressing different archive types.