macOS software setup

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I run macOS with the following active utilities:

I write prose in iA Writer. I don’t like using a programming-focused text editor for writing, because its options tend to distract me and get in the way. I don’t use the distraction-free features of the editor and wish it supported wiki links. Otherwise, I have no complaints – the multi-file search is fast and it looks nice. I don’t mind not being able to switch the font, as the built-in one based on IBM Plex is quite good.

I use Safari with StopTheMadness, StopTheNews, Hush, and Wipr to minimize annoyances. NetNewsWire collects website updates. I use the built-in on macOS for reading email.

For programming and markup languages, I stick to Sublime Text 3. I don’t deviate from the defaults much anymore (Configuring the defaults of Sublime Text 3), but I do insist on a syntax highlighting scheme that only colors comments, strings, and function definitions.

My terminal emulator is the built-in I use the fish interactive shell because of its auto-complete and history search features.

There are also a few passive utilities that I don’t have to think much about to get a benefit: