Future macOS software setup

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I still think there’s an opportunity for a better programming editor: something with the fluidity and extensibility of Acme but the modern features of Sublime Text (like wrapping text at word boundaries).

It would be nice to have a unified list of every command I’ve typed on the command line.

I’d like an application like DevonThink or EagleFiler that will save copies of web pages. I want something that can search through Markdown notes for URLs to archive and place them in a sensible file system location. I don’t need a GUI to browse them, like those applications provide.

I might have to bite the bullet at some point and just learn Blender to get away from using the expensive commercial 3D modelers.

Someday, I’ll spend the time to catalog all of my possessions into Delicious Library.

I’d like to never have to use my hands to interface with a computer, but voice dictation software just isn’t there yet.