Bicycling attire I use

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You can bike with almost any clothing, but since I bike so often, I try to find attire that makes me comfortable.

Most of the year, my area’s climate permits biking in normal, casual attire. These items are what I wear on and apply to my body when biking during temperate times of year, as a kind of baseline:


This gear comes into play when I’m biking in the dark, usually half the year between September and March.

I’d still like to get a lightweight helmet-mounted light and find a way to highlight where my hands are for signaling.

Cold weather

When the temperature dips below 60ºF, I tend to add layers or swap out clothing items for these:

Wet weather

I sometimes have to bike in the rain, though I try to avoid it from a bike maintenance perspective. To keep me dry, I add these to my gear, which will need a dozen liters of storage on the way back if the weather changes:

Warm weather

I try not to bike when it gets above 90ºF so I don’t have great gear for hot temperatures. My main piece of advice is to stop and drink water often, in the shade, ideally from insulated bottles so it’s cool. Also, breathing through your mouth can help run air along the roof of your mouth, kind of like a dog panting, which has helped me cool down when it’s hot.


When I’m just biking for fitness and trying to go as fast and far as I can, I’ll switch over to the usual cyclist-oriented clothing. I used to not own any of these and just ride with shorts and a light, long-sleeve shirt, which was fine, too. I’m not sure these add much on normal rides or climbs, but they do help with really long rides.