This site is generated with a Rust program, from a directory structure that looks like this:


This structure makes it easy to update the site using a common text editor, as opposed to a web interface normally found in blog engines. There’s support for articles and updates, but I’m not currently exposing that content. It’s difficult to maintain a steady stream of substantial content.

The content is written in Markdown, to make adding emphasis, code, headings, and links easy. The Rust program uses pulldown-cmark to convert the Markdown to HTML and Askama to incorporate the content into templates that provide a consistent look and feel for each page.

To publish the site, I push the resulting HTML, CSS, and images to GitHub, which Netlify makes available across the internet. I made a short update script to automate the process of committing the changes both to the Markdown source repository and HTML result repository.

The site doesn’t use any JavaScript or resources from other domains. There are no referral links or cookies.

Updated on 21 March 2021.