The Martian

by Andy Weir

2021-01-31 – 2021-02-08


The Martian is about a hypothetical mission to Mars that leaves one man stranded on the surface, forced to survive with meager supplies for far longer than expected. It’s a fiction book, but all of the details are meticulously researched, so it comes off as a futuristic Apollo 13 report.

Review ★★★★☆

I loved the scientific descriptions of everything that happens to Mark Watney and his engineering hacks along the way, but the format of the book was a bit hard to get through. Watney’s internal monologue is a bit corny and some of the situations had some alternate solutions that weren’t mentioned, but that’s nitpicking. Some of the dialog is also pretty stilted and clumsy in places, especially when it tries to approximate accents. Otherwise, this is a great hard science fiction novel.