The Feast Nearby

How I Lost My Job, Buried a Marriage, and Found My Way by Keeping Chickens, Foraging, Preserving, Bartering, and Eating

by Robin Mathur

2021-01-08 – 2021-01-12


Mathur is self-reliant as much as practicable when she retreats from urban life in Chicago to a lakeside cabin in Michigan. This book serves as a recipe list and memoir of the years she spent picking up the pieces of her life and trying to support local food producers.

Rating ★★★☆☆

While many of these book’s recipes are incompatible with my diet, it was nice to experience Michigan again through the eyes of a native. The philosophy of “where you spend your money is the ideology you support” resonates with me as I’ve tried to shop more intentionally. The book straddles in an odd niche between autobiography, recipe book, and social call-to-action. I liked it as a quirky, finding-yourself kind of memoir.